Boise, ID – 10/05/15

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Twerkin' Hip Hop: Dance w/Iridessa Blossoms
Monday, October 5, 2015
6:00pm - 16+ Buy Tickets
2615 Kootenai St.
Boise, ID, 83705
Other Info
This is a super cardio, booty class combined with hip hop dance moves. We will practice all the sequences in which you can get your derriere movin’ (booty rockin’) to twerk appropriate music. Every class has an improvisational nature to it. Some dance experience is helpful but not necessary. We will begin with a warm up and end with stretching exercises. You will be instructed on Iridessa’s signature moves in a choreographed combination step by step. In this class there will be an emphasis on rhythm and musicality that will have you workin’ and twerkin’. Get ready to work up a sweat, get your groove on and have a rump shakin’ good time! Who says getting into shape isn’t fun? Wear something comfortable, booty shorts and sneakers are always welcome. Bring knee pads and water.

Benefits: Strengthens core and lifts and tones the butt, legs, hips and waist. Cardio blasting work out that can burn anywhere from 400 to 1000 calories depending on experience level.

What to wear: Something comfortable, sneakers and booty shorts are welcome, bring water and knee pads.

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